South Okanagan, BC




Maple Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur, Pear Liqueur, Quince Liqueur, Canadian Kirsch, Pear Williams, Italian Prune, Aged Italian Prune, Skinny Pinot Noir, Skinny Gewurztraminer, Aged Skinny Syrah

Product Descriptions

It’s no secret that the Okanagan Valley in “Beautiful British Columbia” is home to some of the finest fruit grown in all of Canada. Inspired by this delicious fruit, the thriving wine industry and tourism, Jorg Engel saw an opportunity for a unique distillery.

Originally from Southern Germany, Jorg decided to start a distillery in the tradition of his ancestors. In 2005, he and his wife Anette formed Maple Leaf Spirits Inc. Recognized for producing award winning Artisan Spirits from 100% BC fruit and grapes in our small batch artisan Craft Distillery.