Abbotsford, BC




Vodka, White Rum, Spiced Rum

Product Descriptions

On July 1st, 1919, prohibition came to the United States, and many American communities found themselves dry. This created an opportunity for the Paolone family, because most of the whiskey and gin that entered eastern Washington came from southeastern British Columbia.

This area was known as the “Whiskey Gap” and rumrunners would cross it regularly to purchase Canadian alcohol and make the precarious trip back to Washington, intertwining the fate of the Paolone family and the liquor industry.

Fast forward decades later and Daniel Paolone and his friend Ian Jarvis are rekindling the family tradition … that is, the legal version of that tradition. Combining years of family knowledge with modern distillation equipment, they have handcrafted a variety of spirits using local ingredients found in British Columbia.